Book Review: Cold Shot by Dani Pettrey

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An iniquitous act committed by a nefarious individual stole a significant piece of Griffin McCray’s life. However, all of this is overshadowed by the deceit of his best buddy Parker and the role he plays in this tragic event. How could he do this? Why would he do this? All of this at stake created a wall of unforgiveness that would hunt Griffin all his life. Now a park Ranger at Gettysburg National Military Park he has settled into a comfortable situation leaving the pain of his past behind, until skeletal remains of a recent Jane Doe come up near Little Round Top, and he is linked up with Finley Scott, a sweet attractive forensic anthropologist.

How many of us can relate to a past pain? How many of us know hurt and have hidden that displeasure in the furthest crevices of our hearts? A pain so deep that it is hard to forget, a pain so unforgettable that forgiveness is unfathomable. This is what makes the characters in Cold Shot so relatable to many people in society today. A story about friendships trying to make amends with their past, as well as embrace the future that God has planned for them since the beginning. As these friends struggle with ways to cope with their own insecurities they are also caught up in a tumultuous world of crime, danger, and murder.  Will the devils attempts to throw heartache in their paths win or will their faith bring to the place of serenity that only God himself can provide?

Cold Shot is an up and down thrill ride of emotion. Author Dani Pettrey does an excellent job of intertwining suspense, with a pleasant intimation of romance. As you turn page after page you can’t help but fall in love with the intense passion that flows from her pen as she writes about how faith, if given a chance, will always win if we don’t give in to pride. This story helps to settle our own hearts of unforgiveness and resentment as we relate to the stories of each character. If you want a book filled with suspense and a gripping storyline, get a copy of Cold Shot by Dani Pettrey today.

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