It Gets Better

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“Are you sure you want to clean toilets?”

My wife’s voice reverberated in my ears as I sprayed the toilet bowl cleaner into the urinal at my job. This wasn’t the place I envisioned for myself as I walked across the graduation stage at Thomas Road Baptist Church on the campus of Liberty University. Yet there I stood in the middle of the men’s room, holding a toilet bowl cleaner in one hand and a terry cloth in the other—miserable over the way life was playing out. I wondered where God’s favor was and where His promises of abundance were.

We’ve all felt our life is at a standstill. God has called you to run your own business, but you wake up every day and ride a bus to a maintenance job where you clean windows, pull trash, and scrub toilets—barely earning enough money to pay the bills. God has deposited a seed of distinction in you, but that promise of eminence can seem far away.

Sometimes we forget God is the reason we have what we have. We forget about the blessings that come from above and focus on the things we don’t have or on the things we want because others have them. Our joy can wane when we focus on things that don’t concern God.

The enemy deceives us by making us think the place we are today is the place we’ll always be.  Through prayer, I’ve discovered becoming disgruntled with the ugly days of life does no good. God is faithful to fulfill His promises. He knows the places He wants us to go, and He designates pit stops designed to improve and strengthen our character.

This season of life may feel arduous and may not be going according to plans. But God will not allow suffering needlessly. Better is the end of a thing than its beginning. My heart wasn’t into cleaning toilets, but that day standing in the men’s room I knew God’s plan was still being put into motion for my life.

Stay with the Lord. Put forth the fruit of faith, increase in the knowledge of God, and work in accordance with His glorious might. Christ is your example, and God rewards His faithful children for diligently working for Him.

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